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Author of

Ride On, See You 


El Penco

On Ride On, See You


"A moving and evocative novel of lifelong love, friendship and human connection."

                  ---Chris Binchy, author of People Like Us, Open-handed, and The Very Man, which was short-listed for the Irish Novel of the Year Award


"With style and grace, Ride On, See You...invites you to a journey of self-forgiveness and gratitude that can only fully be traveled--and appreciated--alone."

                  ---Lyle Roebuck, author of Phantom Sounds

"Ann McGlinn navigates the human landscape of loss, memory, and the meaning of home, with a lyrical intensity that shines."   

                 ---Joni Wallace, author of Kingdom Come, Radio Show

On El Penco

"Lush, lyrical, and vibrant...if James Salter had travelled to Mexico, this is the novel he might have written."

                 ---Amanda Eyre Ward, author of The Jetsetters

"A vivid, beautifully crafted story that stays with you like the night's last dream."

                  ---Deirdre McNamer, author of Aviary

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